Home Care: The Benefits Of Overnight Care For Seniors

Home Care: Overnight care for seniors is something that family caregivers might struggle with because of their other responsibilities.

During November, which is National Family Caregiver Month, you should talk to your senior parent to find out if overnight home care would be good for them.


Home Care in Piedmont CA: Overnight Care

Home Care in Piedmont CA: Overnight Care


Overnight in-home care is often very comforting for seniors.

Seniors can find nighttime lonely and they might feel sad or depressed. They also might have anxiety at night, especially if they have trouble sleeping or need medical equipment to sleep. Often seniors who rely on CPAP machines or other medical equipment become anxious at night worrying what will happen to them if the equipment fails or malfunctions. Having a caregiver stay with your senior parent overnight can ease their anxiety and fear and make it easier for them to sleep. They also may sleep more soundly knowing they aren’t alone.

Some of the benefits of overnight in-home care that make it a great help for seniors and family caregivers are:


Anyone can be a victim of crime, but seniors that are aging in place are more likely to be victims of crime because they are considered by some to be easy targets. Having a home care provider stay with your senior parent overnight will provide some extra security and make sure that your senior loved one isn’t home alone and vulnerable all night long. A security system with digital cameras and the support of an in-home care provider can make seniors much more secure at night.


As anyone who has ever had depression or had a major loss in their life knows the night can sometimes feel lonely or frightening. Seniors who have lost a spouse or who are facing serious illness can become very upset and depressed at night alone. If you can’t be with your senior loved one at night a home care provider who can be there throughout the night can help your senior not be so anxious or upset throughout the night. Seniors who fight insomnia regularly will enjoy having someone there to play games or watch TV with when they can’t sleep.


Knowing that someone else is there can be enough to help seniors who have sleep disorders fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly when they do go to sleep. It’s also comforting for seniors to have someone nearby that can help them take a relaxing bath or shower, make them some tea or hot chocolate, or sit with them until they fall asleep.


Tired seniors are more likely to take a fall at home, especially if they have to go up or downstairs late at night or early in the morning. Seniors who use supplemental oxygen, sleep machines, or CPAP machines will be safer if there is someone with them to make sure that their equipment is working the way it should. In-home care providers can provide the peace of mind that seniors need overnight.

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Evan Loevner, CEO