Status Reporting to Family, Healthcare Practitioner, & Community Partners

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We realize that many of our client’s families are at a distance from San Francisco. Consequently, they want to stay appraised of their loved one’s status on a week-to-week or even day-to-day basis. Aviva In-Home Care maintains a record of daily activities with our clients, and caregivers are trained to monitor any changes in behavior, mood, eating habits, and health status. We carefully capture this information, and will provide timely updates to family members when requested. Further, we consider it a duty to keep all relevant healthcare practitioners (discharge planners, primary care physicians, nurses, etc.) informed so that they can make the best decisions for our clients. We will also collaborate with community partners, such as home health and medical equipment providers, should they be working our client, to ensure that our clients experience seamless service and avoid any gaps in care.

Aviva follows the Family Centered Model of Care, a model adopted by many leading hospitals in the U.S. This means that we work closely with the family and client up front to design an optimal plan of care. This collaboration doesn’t end there – the family’s input is solicited throughout the care cycle so that we can continue to improve our services. Additionally, as a key focus for hospitals right now is post-discharge compliance, closing the loops of communication with assigned registered nurses for example, is supremely important. As part of our “Welcome Home Program” we will provide feedback to these key healthcare professionals as needed, while helping our senior clients successfully manage their transition back to their routines within the home. Additionally, our on-staff registered nurse team will participate in this feedback loop, ensuring that the hospital and physician have the most relevant information possible.

Think of us as your “extended family” in San Francisco, only with a bit more training. At the end of the day, it’s our goal to treat your loved one as you would.


We ensure that our clients receive the finest in-home care available.