Homecare: Alternative Holiday Sweets For Seniors With Diabetes

Homecare: There are more than 14 million seniors who have diabetes.

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and that means now is the time to take a new look at old holiday classic desserts and treats. The holidays are almost here and with them, all the high sugar and high fat treats that the holidays are known for. Seniors who have diabetes need to watch the number of calories and the amount of sugar that they consume which can make navigating holiday parties and dinners difficult. Your homecare service provider can be a big help in watching for high sugar treats and bringing along low sugar desserts to substitute with.


Homecare in Redwood City CA: Diabetes

Homecare in Redwood City CA: Diabetes


Homecare providers can help seniors who are making holiday treats try something different this year by making these dishes as alternatives to traditional high calorie and high-fat holiday treats:


One way that seniors can enjoy traditional holiday flavors without additional calories is by drinking a festive drink at parties or dinners instead of having desserts and cookies. Sugar-free hot chocolate and other holiday drinks will allow seniors to enjoy parties and dinners while also making sure that they don’t cause their blood sugar to spike. There are dozens of fun holiday drinks that mimic traditional holiday flavors like peppermint, pumpkin, and chocolate that aren’t packed with calories.

Fruit Based Desserts

Fruit-based holiday desserts are a nice alternative to traditional desserts and should be included on the menu at holiday get-togethers for anyone that has special dietary requirements. They’re also very easy to make and don’t require a lot of ingredients. With the help of a homecare provider, your senior loved one may enjoy making these desserts. Spiced pears with sugar-free whipped cream, baked apples, fruit tarts, and other fruit-based desserts will be the perfect addition to the holidays. You may even start a new holiday tradition by including fruit desserts at your holiday parties this year.

Sugar-Free Traditional Desserts

If your senior loved one is determined to enjoy classic holiday dishes like pies, cookies, and cakes then you can make sugar free versions of these delicious treats that your senior loved one can safely eat. Sugar alternatives that won’t have any impact on a senior’s blood sugar can be used instead of sugar, just make sure that you check the measurements for the particular alternative that you use. You can also use applesauce and other natural foods to sweeten desserts instead of using sugar. In many of these dishes you and your senior loved ones won’t even notice the substitution of sugar alternatives for sugar. The flavors will still be the same holiday flavors that you love to enjoy every year.

Homecare: Cheesecakes

Cheesecakes and other cheese-based desserts that are low in carbs are sometimes better for seniors who have diabetes. Use sugar alternatives and cheese to make delicious cheesecakes or make up a cheese and fruit plate for dessert or for snacking before the meal so that your senior loved one won’t be eating too much sugar or too many carbs throughout the course of the evening. Your homecare service provider is a good person to rely on to help with this.


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