Pre & Post Surgical Support

Young doctor hands holding the elderly lady's hand.

Prior to having surgery, the ability of the patient to comply with instructions is paramount. Sometimes these instructions can be intimidating, especially to seniors who may be living alone, or who have little local support in the way of family or friends. Aviva understands this, and has established processes to help San Francisco’s elderly through these critical steps. Our team of experienced aides can help your loved one prepare for the surgery, and help close communication loops with the family, agency management, and healthcare practitioners.

Specifically, our pre-surgical tasks include:

• Understand and interpret physician’s instructions for client
• Accompany client to pre-surgery physician visits
• Monitor meals and any fasting required in the days before surgery
• Help client prepare for the day of surgery including packing
• Transport client to hospital
• Interact with doctors and staff and report progress and instructions to family members

With an Aviva caregiver to assist your loved one during this time, we help reduce the stress of being hospitalized, and assure the client that he/she has someone looking out for them who is only a short-drive away. Many studies have shown that improved health outcomes result from a positive, stress-free environment. Additionally, research shows that healing cycles are reduced when patients are able to recuperate without major sources of tension and disruptions to the daily routine. Many families are so relieved to know that their San Francisco relative is with a knowledgeable caregiver who knows the key components of the pre and post-surgical process, and knows that their client needs extra reassurance and comforting during this time. Keep in mind that Aviva also has a Nurse Director and Field Nurse Supervisor on staff, who provide key input to both our team and back to the client’s physicians.

The Aviva team will focus on the following post-surgical tasks:
• Visit client at hospital and provide companionship
• Monitor compliance with doctors’ and other healthcare practitioners’ instructions and medications
• Communicate with the various healthcare practitioners responsible for our client’s care
• Provide non-medical home care after the client returns home.
• Communicate with the family as requested to update on their loved one’s condition and progress.


We ensure that our clients receive the finest in-home care available.