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The Best Home Security Upgrades for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Having these security upgrades for your senior loved one with Alzheimer's plus Alzheimer’s care can help keep seniors safe at home.
Alzheimer's Care in San Mateo CA
Alzheimer’s Care in San Mateo CA

More seniors than ever are choosing to stay in their homes as they get older, even seniors who have progressive diseases like Alzheimer’s. It’s possible for seniors with Alzheimer’s to live comfortably and safely in the home that is familiar to them for many years. But family members may need to do some home security upgrades to ensure that their senior parent doesn’t fall, wander, or get hurt at home.

Having Alzheimer’s care at home is strongly recommended for seniors that have Alzheimer’s who want to live in their own homes. Alzheimer’s care is specialty care that adjusts to the needs of your senior parent as their needs and cognitive abilities change. Alzheimer’s care can help keep seniors safe at home.

If your senior parent wants to continue living in their home experts also recommend these home security upgrades:

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks, often controlled via a smartphone app or key fob, provide enhanced security for seniors with Alzheimer’s. These locks can automatically lock or unlock doors, eliminating the risk of forgetting to lock up. Some smart locks also feature keypad access, allowing the senior to enter a code instead of using a key. Smart door locks also make it possible for a family member far away to open a door that a senior has mistakenly locked or let an Alzheimer’s care caregiver in.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells with built-in cameras and two-way audio are excellent security upgrades for seniors with Alzheimer’s. These devices allow seniors to see and communicate with visitors without opening the door. Family members can also remotely monitor who is at the door and assess any potential safety concerns.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Alzheimer’s can lead to confusion, especially during nighttime. Motion-activated lighting can help prevent falls and accidents by automatically illuminating hallways, staircases, and common areas when movement is detected. This assists seniors in navigating their homes safely.

Security Alarms and Sensors

Installing security alarms and sensors can provide an extra layer of protection. Door/window contact sensors, for instance, can alert Alzheimer’s care or family members when doors or windows are opened. Caregivers can be notified if a senior with Alzheimer’s attempts to wander, ensuring their safety.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote monitoring systems and home security cameras allow caregivers or family members to check in on the senior’s well-being from anywhere. These systems provide real-time access to video feeds and alerts for unexpected activity or disturbances, offering round-the-clock peace of mind.


Wander Management Systems

Wander management systems are specialized solutions designed to prevent seniors with Alzheimer’s from wandering unsupervised. These systems include door alarms and sensors, as well as wearable devices for the senior. If the senior attempts to leave the home or designated area, an alarm will sound, or an alert will be sent to caregivers.


Secure Medication Storage

Proper medication management is crucial for seniors with Alzheimer’s. Installing a secure medication storage system with controlled access can help prevent accidental overdoses or missed doses. These storage units can be programmed to dispense medication at the appropriate times, reducing the risk of medication-related issues.


Secure Outdoor Spaces

Creating a safe outdoor environment is equally important. Fencing with locked gates, outdoor motion-sensor lighting, and secure pathways can prevent seniors from wandering off or becoming disoriented in the yard. A secure outdoor space can promote outdoor activities and fresh air while ensuring safety.


Emergency Response Systems

Emergency response systems, such as medical alert pendants or bracelets, are essential security upgrades for seniors with Alzheimer’s. These devices allow the senior to call for help in case of emergencies or confusion, providing a direct line of communication to caregivers or medical professionals.


Regular Safety Assessments

Regular safety assessments by professionals, such as occupational therapists or home safety experts, are highly recommended. These assessments can identify potential hazards in the home and offer tailored solutions to enhance the overall safety and security for seniors with Alzheimer’s.


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