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Rebuilding Life After Loss with Companion Care at Home

It can be difficult for your senior loved one to move forward after a significant loss. Companion care at home can help.
Loss: Companion Care at Home Redwood City CA
Loss: Companion Care at Home Redwood City CA

June is National Rebuild Your Life Month and for seniors that are struggling after a loss this is a great time to try and find a new way forward. Seniors may be struggling after they retire because they no longer feel a sense of purpose, or they miss the regular social interaction they got at their job. They also may miss the routine of a job and not really know what to do with themselves with that routine.

Seniors that have lost a spouse or a loved one may also be struggling and not really know how to move forward without that person. During the month of June seniors that are struggling to rebuild their lives after loss can do these things to start find a new path forward:

Get Companion Care At Home

One of the hardest things for seniors to deal with after a loss is the loneliness. Seniors who are aging in place may feel totally isolated and alone. Companion care at home provides seniors with someone they can talk with, share meals with, watch TV with, run errands with, and generally hang out with so they don’t feel so alone. Companion care at home is a reliable and supportive way for seniors to get more social interaction.

Talk To A Professional

Seniors who are struggling should talk to a counselor, social worker, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional. A professional counselor can help seniors develop the tools they need to rebuild their lives and create a new life that they can enjoy. If your senior parent flatly refuses to see a counselor then a support group might help them. Talking to others that are going through the same thing may help them find the strength to rebuild their lives.

Establish A New Routine

For whatever reason your senior’s old routine is gone. Seniors thrive on routine, so your loved one needs to establish a new routine that they can use to start building a new life. Starting with small steps seniors can build a new routine that will help them accomplish their goals. Talk to your senior loved one about what kinds of things they want to do to make a new routine for themselves. Maybe they want to get up earlier, or take a walk every day. Brainstorm some healthy habits that they can use to create a new healthy routine.

Try Some New Hobbies

The future is wide open so now is a great time for seniors to try some new hobbies and activities to find some they really enjoy. Suggest that your senior parent take a cooking class, or learn to knit, or start writing a novel. Many seniors have buried interests that they never pursued because they had jobs to worry about or families to raise and they didn’t have the time to start new hobbies. But now they do have the time, so encourage them to try some of the things they have always wanted to do.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional Companion Care at Home in Redwood City, CA, call the caring staff at Aviva In-Home Care. Call today: (415) 795-2203

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