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Behavior Changes And Other Unexpected Symptoms Of UTI In Seniors

Urinary tract infections are common in seniors, but personal care at home can help reduce the risk and manage symptoms such as personality changes and behavioral issues.
Personal care at home can help mitigate UTIs in seniors with better hygiene and diet.
Personal care at home can help mitigate UTIs in seniors with better hygiene and diet.

Urinary tract infections are something that a lot of seniors deal with, especially seniors who struggle with incontinence. UTIs usually require antibiotics, so it’s important that you or a caregiver notice the symptoms of a UTI so that you can get your mom or dad to the doctor.

It’s not always possible for seniors to avoid UTIs, but having personal care at home can help. With personal care at home, seniors who struggle with personal hygiene or incontinence get the help they need to stay clean and dry, which can lower the risk of UTIs.

The symptoms of a UTI vary, and some can be concerning. One of the symptoms of a UTI in seniors can be a personality change or behavioral change, where your senior parent starts acting out of character. They may be angry, irritated, weepy, or sad.

Some other unexpected symptoms of UTIs in seniors that can be observed by personal care at home and family caregivers are:


Confusion or Delirium

Sudden onset of confusion, delirium, or changes in mental status can be one of the most common and alarming signs of a UTI in older adults. You or personal care at home providers may be afraid that your mom or dad is starting to show signs of dementia if they suddenly start becoming confused, but it could also be due to a UTI. They need to be checked by a doctor to be sure.


Agitation or Aggression

Agitated or aggressive behavior can be a symptom of a UTI. If your senior mom or dad is typically very sweet and easygoing and suddenly they are getting angry or aggressive, yelling, or being mean to everyone, that could be due to a UTI.



Seniors with UTIs may experience visual or auditory hallucinations, seeing or hearing things that aren’t there. This can be very scary for both you and your senior parent. If you or personal care at home professionals are noticing signs that your senior parent is having hallucinations, or if they are frightened because they are having hallucinations, call the doctor right away.


Loss of Appetite

Seniors can lose their appetites for many reasons, but a UTI is one of those reasons. If your mom or dad typically has a pretty good appetite and nothing has changed with their medication but they don’t have any appetite they may have a UTI. Pay close attention to see if they are having any other symptoms of a UTI. If they are, call the doctor and make an appointment.


Falls or Mobility Issues

UTIs can cause seniors to become dizzy or lose their balance, which can cause them to fall. If your senior parent has had several falls in a row when they usually have no issues with mobility a UTI could be to blame.

Seniors can fall for many reasons, but if your senior parent is feeling dizzy or losing their balance suddenly and nothing else in their routine has changed, that’s a clear sign that something is wrong. It’s a good idea to get them checked for a UTI to be sure.



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