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Why Your Senior May Be Getting Nosebleeds

Personal care at home can help a senior during any nosebleeds that occur and help keep them calm.

Personal Care at Home in Hillsborough CA Most people think of nosebleeds as a minor concern, something that is irritating at the moment but will eventually go away and be forgotten. However, as your loved one ages, you may become more worried about nosebleeds because they can be a sign of a bigger problem or even a side effect of the medications they are taking. You or personal care at home will need to help a senior when the nosebleed occurs, and personal care at home will need to track how often it happens. Here are some things that you need to know about seniors with nosebleeds.

What are Nosebleeds?

You may think it’s as simple as blood coming from the nose, but there is more to it than that. Your nose contains several blood vessels that help warm the air as a senior inhales. These vessels are closer to the surface, which means more harm and damage can come to them, making it easier for them to bleed. Although nose bleeds are not a serious issue for most people, the older a person becomes, the more cause for concern it is.

What Can Cause Nosebleeds in the Elderly?

Certain things cause nosebleeds that are beyond your control, but it’s important to note what could cause them. Remember, there are two types of nosebleeds, and certain factors can cause either. One type of nosebleed is called anterior nosebleeds at the front of the nose. These nosebleeds often go away on their own and can be treated at home. On the other hand, some nosebleeds occur in the back of the nose near the throat, called posterior nosebleeds, which need medical attention because they mean a major blood vessel has been punctured, which results in heavier bleeding. Here are a few reasons why either type of nosebleeds may occur.

Dry Air

If your elderly loved one lives in a dryer climate, it could be disastrous for their nose and cause nosebleeds. Even certain months tend to be drier than others. If you or personal care at home notice that every dry winter nosebleed happens more regularly, it may be nothing to be concerned about. You may need to buy a humidifier for the house or find ways to add moisture into the air to cut down a senior’s nosebleeds. Dry air happens to be one of the most common reasons for anterior nosebleeds.

Higher Altitudes

As people get older, they may be more easily impacted by the altitudes. Even if they have lived in the state their whole life, they may feel the altitude more. Or if they moved to a different location they may also be away from the changes in altitude without even realizing it. This can cause nosebleeds, but they are usually able to be treated at home. Personal care at home can help a senior during any nosebleeds that occur and help keep them calm.

Chronic Disease

Unfortunately, as a senior gets older, they are more likely to experience chronic diseases like heart failure, high blood pressure, and liver and kidney disease. When the blood in your body does not remain consistent, it can start coming out of certain body parts, the biggest one being the nose. If you know your loved one has a chronic illness, it is crucial to notice whether or not they are having tons of nosebleeds.

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