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What to Know About Memorial Planning As a Senior

Planning a memorial may seem daunting, but seniors can ease the process with proper support from home care and family, ensuring their wishes are respected.
Home care offers aging seniors and families support in caregiving and decisions about funeral preparations.
Home care offers aging seniors and families support in caregiving and decisions about funeral preparations.

Planning a memorial seems like a horrible idea, but for many seniors who are in their final stages of life, it is something they will need to think about. They will need to figure out what they want, get it in writing, and ensure the family knows what their wishes are when they die.

Death is not scary, but there are many details a senior needs to sort out before anything happens. This can seem like a lot of stress, especially while they are aging in place, but with the right support from home care and family, this can be easily accomplished.

Here are some of the best tips for planning a memorial or funeral with a senior loved one.


Don’t Act Like They’re Dying

Your loved one will need to plan what they want regardless of how they feel now. Everyone dies; it is absolutely natural, but this does not mean they are dying. Seniors should be thinking about their funeral, their wishes, and even their assets, but this does not mean they are dying, nor should they act like they are dying.

This is true for home care providers and families as well. Just because a senior is planning their wishes does not mean you get to treat them like they are already gone. Be calm and practical for your loved one, and try not to get emotional. This will help your senior mom or dad feel more comfortable and feel in control.


Keep Your Options Open

There are many different kinds of services and traditional and nontraditional options. Your loved one has the time to sort through every type of memorial and find something that resonates with their soul. You can donate your body to science, opt for a green burial, or even be cremated. Everything needs to be considered when making this choice; it may come down to budget, beliefs, and life values. Your senior should have full control over their memorial with support from home care providers and their family.


It Will Help With Finances

Planning a memorial can be sad, but in fact, it is a very responsible thing to do for many seniors. They can save a lot of money by choosing what they want to do in advance and having things set up before they pass away. Most funeral homes will lock a senior in on today’s rates, which means they will have the same rate even if they die way in the future. This is the smartest thing to do, and it means their family won’t have to scramble for cash.

With the support of family caregivers and home care providers, seniors can make decisions and plans that most align with their values and convictions.


Planning May Include a Celebration of Life

Funerals are sad and hard to plan, but seniors should remember that this is also the best way to celebrate them and their lives. They can choose what happens and how they want to be buried, but they can also instruct their kids and grandkids on how they want their lives to be celebrated. Maybe they want the family to go camping, have a bonfire, have a lake party, or do something that truly represents who they are and gets the family together.



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