Sense of Purpose: Your senior’s health and the challenges she faces as she ages can take a toll in many different ways.

She may even start to feel as if she has no personal sense of purpose any longer. When that happens, many areas of life begin to feel even more difficult and draining. That’s not something you want for your aging family member.


Senior Care in Menlo Park CA: Sense Of Purpose

Senior Care in Menlo Park CA: Sense Of Purpose

Encourage Her to Stay Socially Engaged

Social engagement is crucial for aging adults, but it isn’t always easy. Your elderly family member may have had friends and family nearby that have moved or who aren’t as socially active themselves anymore. Finding ways to keep in touch with other people can help her to rebuild those relationships. Another idea to consider is hiring senior care providers to offer companionship. They can also help with anything that your senior needs help doing including helping her to find her sense of purpose.

Help Her to Find Activities She Enjoys

Knowing that she’s got activities planned that she enjoys gives your senior something to look forward to. When every day is the same and is full of uninspiring things she has to do, life doesn’t feel like very much fun. Help your elderly family member to find activities that are new and enjoyable for her, whether that’s taking up baking or joining a dance class.

Work with Her to Establish Supportive Routines

Routines are something that everyone needs and that everyone has, even if they don’t fully recognize those routines. Talk with your senior about what her days are like and how her routines flow. It might be possible to help her to reframe her days in a way that supports her needs and her wants, while also letting her do things on her own timetable.

Look for Ways to Boost Her Independence Safely

It might sound counterintuitive, but to increase your senior’s independence, she may need to have help. Hiring senior care providers gives her assistance when she needs it, and a supportive presence when she doesn’t. Senior care providers don’t take over tasks for your elderly family member. They’re simply there to make life easier for her and to give her little bits of assistance as they’re needed.

All of these areas of life work together to help your senior to build or to maintain her overall sense of purpose. Having extra help along the way is the best way to make sure that all of her needs are met.


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Evan Loevner, CEO