Client Transportation & Errand Assistance

Elder man with a car looking happy and smiling

Is your elderly relative in San Francisco challenged with getting to the store to buy needed items for the home? Perhaps it is a special social outing or club meeting that it is just difficult to get to. Once a senior decides to skip a trip here or there, it frequently becomes habit forming, leading to isolation and in some cases a depressed mood or spirit. When tasks become more challenging from a physiological perspective, clients may push themselves to try and do things they shouldn’t be doing on their own. Then they are putting themselves at risk of injury from a fall or other event. A senior companion mitigates this risk, and gives the family piece-of-mind that the Aviva Caregiver is there to provide a helping hand.

At Aviva In-Home Care we consider it a vital responsibility to keep our clients engaged and connected with the local community. We want them to know that we will gladly accompany them to where they want to go, and even join in if they wish. Many clients wish to go to the supermarket, or doctor visit, a concert, or simply to meet a few friends in the park. As beautiful as our city of San Francisco is, navigating can be a serious challenge for someone with mobility issues. It becomes infinitely easier when you know that a trusted care partner is scheduled to be with you on certain days.

Here is a list of some of the daily activities we can help with:
• Running errands and shopping
• Drop off and pick up dry cleaning
• Escort to religious services
• Assist with pet care
• Assist with airport pick up & drop off
• Escort to appointments
• Escort to shopping
• Escort to club meetings and social gatherings
• Join in walks in the park, Crissy Field, or Union Square


We ensure that our clients receive the finest in-home care available.