Transferring & Ambulation Assistance

Close-up of clinician hand on that of disabled woman

For clients that have mobility issues, moving from one area of the house to another can be very difficult, and if not done properly, can result in serious injury. Aviva’s experienced caregivers are knowledgeable about the principles of body mechanics, and are prepared to assist your loved one with standing, walking, positioning and transfers without causing injury to him/her. Training includes knowing about bone loss, and how to best protect seniors from falling.

All skeletal bones are at risk of breaking as we age. Very often it is the wrist or spine that is damaged. The wrist takes the brunt of the impact when we stop ourselves from falling. Our elderly clients are also at risk of spine injury when getting in or out of bed or the bath, and can even injure the spine with a sharp twist or unanticipated movement. San Francisco seniors who are experiencing bone loss are at risk to develop Osteoporosis should they have a bone fracture. The Aviva team is trained in the use of transfer assistance devices, like a gait belt for example, that can be used to lift a client from one position to another. Proper assistance such as this will minimize the chance of injury and subsequent bone fracture, giving our clients peace-of-mind that they are able to navigate around their homes safely.


We ensure that our clients receive the finest in-home care available.