Toileting & Incontinence


Aviva’s responsive caregivers are trained and experienced in providing sensitivity, and privacy while assisting with urinary and bowel care. Incontinence is common among the elderly, and we understand the numerous physiological and psychological complications this issue can lead to. Whether temporary or permanent incontinence, Aviva’s experienced senior aides will work with the client to best manage the condition, preserving self-esteem and dignity.

Additionally, our team members understand the role that toileting care can play in a client’s comfort and independence. Many elderly are not incontinent, but do need help with toileting. For example, a person with limited mobility may need help just to reach the toilet. Or a senior with dementia may need reminders to use the toilet on a regular basis. After a complete needs assessment, our caregivers will work with these clients to help them use the toilet as often as needed.


We ensure that our clients receive the finest in-home care available.