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Considering Home Care Assistance for Aging Family Members

Adding home care assistance goes a long way to ensure loved ones receive the best care possible when family members are pulled away.
Senior Care: Home Care Assistance  Burlingame CA
Senior Care: Home Care Assistance Burlingame CA

In a perfect world, loved ones would be able to keep their aging family members close to them and help them with all their needs. Unfortunately, that is often not the case, which causes worry and guilt to rise to the surface. Thankfully, there are ways that loved ones can ensure their family members are cared for and supported when they’re not around. Adding home care assistance goes a long way to ensure loved ones receive the best care possible when family members are pulled away.

Things to Consider When Planning for Home Care Assistance

As seniors age, planning for their future is crucial. For family members, this means asking questions about what seniors need and how to achieve those goals. Moving a family member in or being with them consistently is not possible.

  • Consider the best plan by asking questions of everyone involved. This can be a difficult time for loved ones and seniors. It’s best to have multiple conversations leading up to changes. Some things to consider are listed below.
  • Work/Life Balance – If this is currently an issue, it will only increase when caring for a loved one. It’s best to work with employers to understand ways to increase flexibility or realign responsibilities to see what is truly manageable.
  • What About Other Family Members – Can other family members assist with aging seniors? Depending on their location, their own work/life balance, and other factors, they might not be able to contribute consistently.
  • Be Realistic About the Care Needed – Talk with seniors and their medical professionals to determine what seniors need consistently. This might also require monitoring their day-to-day functioning to assess what is needed.

When determining future care needs, it is vital to work with seniors. If they disagree with the plan, implementation will be difficult and possibly cause resentment.

Assessing Seniors Needs

When talking with medical professionals and seniors, it’s a good idea to know seniors’ common needs. These needs can be broken down into several categories, including personal care and transportation. Some of the most common needs are listed below.

  • Assistance with moving around, remaining active
  • Medication management
  • Healthy meal planning, cooking, and grocery shopping
  • Monitoring of safety issues, which includes falls, cooking, or issues related to cognitive decline
  • Socialization

Benefits of Home Care Assistance

Adding home care assistance is beneficial in many ways. Trained staff can meet the needs of seniors when loved ones can’t for whatever reason. Perhaps seniors simply need someone to check in a few hours daily, help them run errands, or ensure they follow an activity plan. Elder care providers can easily check those boxes while also providing much-needed support and socialization.
As needs increase, seniors are already comfortable having someone in the home, which makes the transition to more care easier. If the cognitive function or mobility declines, home care assistance with help with grocery shopping, light cleaning, and even cooking.

Having a care professional in the home also gives loved ones the peace of mind they need to go about their day-to-day lives.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring professional Home Care Assistance in Burlingame, CA, call the caring staff at Aviva In-Home Care. Call today: (415) 795-2203

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