"Aviva In Home Care has provided excellent and caring service for a challenging and sensitive situation. They have pulled through for me and my client and I am happy to recommend their services."
Anne L., San Mateo

"I am the responsible guardian for my neighbor's healthcare needs.  I think we made a great choice in hiring Aviva.  Their caregivers are very responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable.  They reflect a high level of training, which sets them apart, from my previous experience.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to someone looking for high quality in-home care."
Karina G., San Francisco

"Evan and his team have been great. My mother's condition has required someone who can help her with her daily bathing and showering needs as well as provide companionship on a daily basis. Evan's ability to assess our needs and help create a schedule for my Mom was great. He is accessible, professional, caring and most importantly trustworthy. We know our mother is in good hands with the team that Evan has assembled for her. Our mother speaks very highly of the entire team."
Scott J., Concord

"We received excellent services for our 94-year old mother who needed day aide for a few weeks while I recover from surgery. Evan, the owner, was professional in every way. The caregiver he set up with my mother was caring and attentive. It was all an easy and pleasant experience."
Margo & Paul G, Piedmont

"I highly recommend Aviva In-Home Care. I hired them to care for my elderly mom in her home after hip surgery. I was referred to Aviva from another home care company. Evan Loevner, the director, has really gone out of his way to provide top home care providers and worked hard to find a compatible person for my mom. Mom loves her very nurturing, compassionate, and professional care giver! When I have any concerns regarding mom and her condition, Evan L. offers suggestions that are very appropriate. He texts and phones me on a regular basis and is very responsive to my communication. He also sends professional nurses every so often to examine mom and give advice pro bono. Aviva is really a top-notch organization."
Carol A, San Francisco

“My mother has been receiving full-time in-home care from Aviva. I appreciate their consideration of my mom's needs, likes and desires in finding caregivers to assist her. They have always been very responsive when needs have changed or a change in caregiver has been requested. They want my mother and our family to be completed satisfied with the service. I know that I can call any time to talk about my mom's care or to make sure information about my mom is known to the caregivers. My mom is well cared for even if I am away on vacation which gives peace of mind.”
Mary O, San Francisco

“The team at Aviva helped me with end of life care for my mother. The Aviva team supported my mom throughout her hospice-at-home period. The team also supported my family 24/7 through the final week of my mom's life. Aviva was responsive to initiating and changing care as we needed it. The team was particularly friendly and unflappable - even making special trips to obtain needed supplies. We also appreciate that the caregiver and office followed up with us after my mom's passing - reflecting the true character of the team.”
Steve A, San Francisco

“I have been very pleased to have Aviva In Home Care help our family in caring for our loved one. Everyone takes their job serious and really cares about making the client comfortable. Thanks Aviva!”
Karen D, San Francisco

“The Caretakers at Aviva-In-Home Care were exceptional. They assisted my sister in the final days of her life. The team was caring, compassionate and sympathetic in their devotion to her. I want to thank everyone who worked tirelessly to minister to her needs and mine during this difficult time. I highly recommend this company.”
Virginia T, San Francisco

“Aviva really came through for us when we needed help caring for both of our elderly parents; our wheelchair bound mom, and our dad with late stage Alzheimer's. The team at Aviva was very responsive to our needs and always went the extra mile for us. They worked with us to find a caregiver who was a good match for our mom, they helped us with scheduling and insurance issues, and followed up with visits to the house to make sure everything was going according to plan. They always answer the phone, are professional, and caring. We have been very pleased with their service and would highly recommend them.”
Leslie S, Alameda

“Aviva In-Home Care has a superb group of care givers, who are knowledgeable, loyal, and gifted in their ability to provide tailored care for the afflicted person. I could not continue to work full-time without their integrated participation in our family life and my confidence in their vigilant oversight and caring hand.”
Edie S., Palo Alto

“I have been fortunate to be able to work with the team at Aviva on numerous occasions with my clients and they have always exhibited a very high level of competency, execution, ethics, and communication through complicated situations. We have complete trust in their service and we are fortunate to have a team that cares and has shown great empathy to our Seniors and families. We are truly grateful for Evan and his team.”
David C, San Francisco

"At a distance of 3,000 miles, I had to find round the clock care for a senior in her 90s who fell, was hospitalized, and came home needing round the clock care. Aviva worked with the hospital to arrange transport and then took care of her at home until she was strong enough to take care of herself. Aviva provided a variety of attentive caregivers, was unfailing helpful, made useful suggestions for necessary equipment, and did leg work on obtaining medications, I could not have provided for the care that was required without Aviva's help, and I highly recommend them."
Neil Strauss, Washington, D.C.

"A year ago, September of 2918, my Aunt Ina was admitted to the hospital in congestive heart failure. They stabilized her and then sent her to a care facility. I live 70 miles away and at that time was actually in Canada. I felt she should stay in the facility but she wanted to go home to her apartment. In speaking with her over the phone, I could hear that she would not make it in the care facility. Aviva In-Home Care was recommended and that is what we did. She has had full time care givers ever since and has been able to remain in her apartment and continue her many social activities even though she is now confined to a wheelchair. This last Saturday she celebrated her 90th birthday!! Thank you Aviva for saving her life and having her life have meaning."
Sharon Root, Sonoma, CA

"Evan at Aviva has been dedicated to finding the best caregivers to match the needs of our mother. He has been consistent, communicative and caring. I would recommend Aviva."
CSM, East Bay, CA

Why Choose Aviva In-Home Care?


  1. A model based on family-centered care
    Aviva works closely with your family, throughout the care process, to make informed decisions about the services and support the client and family receive.
  2. Highly experienced staff
    An expert management team that understands healthcare delivery, caregivers with multiple years of experience, and an organization focused on continual staff training & education.
  3. Nurse oversight of care
    Utilize the clinical expertise of RN supervision to ensure that we deliver a quality experience, are compliant with physician orders, and are continually improving.
  4. Private, San Francisco-based business (not a franchise)
    Our focus is on the wellbeing of San Francisco's elderly residents - your community is OUR community.
  5. Embedded Care Management
    We ensure optimal care coordination by providing 2 hours of weekly case management time (by our Client Care Manager) free-of-charge for each client.
  6. Hands-on management by owner
    Direct owner involvement in the administration of care, and communication with families.
  7. Affiliation with a national network of home care agencies
    Member of The Seniors Choice, an organization that shares best practices, promotes continual learning/education, and develops service competencies within its network.


We ensure that our clients receive the finest in-home care available.