Aviva ConnectedCare

What is "Virtual Caregiving" at Home?

Aviva ConnectedCare is a unique way to provide monitored care for your loved one. Virtual Caregiving is an excellent solution to enhance the care that is provided by your Aviva In-Home Care Professional, filling in the gaps when the caregiver is not on shift. Alternatively, it’s a way for you to ease into home care services if you don’t yet have a need for 4 hours of care a day.

This is a new care model that incorporates modern technologies to serve as a safety net. We fix this with a remote care service that is the most intuitive in the world. It learns constantly to predict wellness-related concerns of people in the home, and it’s remarkably simple to set up and operate.

Aviva ConnectedCare encourages confidence and peace of mind for everyone – our elder loved ones, their families, caregivers, caregiving agencies, and communities. It helps address concerns of senior falls, wandering and loneliness in a new collaborative way.

It also supports families of seniors whose wellbeing can be monitored remotely around the clock, enabling unique ‘trusted circle’ collaboration.

The Benefits of Aviva ConnectedCare:

  • Aging and healing at home
  • Detects falls and inactivity inside the home
  • Keeping seniors at home longer (as opposed to a facility)
  • Low Cost, Highly Effective
  • Compliments In-Home Care Services
  • Private, Non-Intrusive, Peace-of-Mind
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How Does Aviva ConnectedCare Work?

  • Sign-up loved ones based on their needs and technological ability using a smartphone, tablet, computer or landline.
  • Aviva In-Home Care develops a care plan and trains your loved ones to use our telehealth solution
  • Daily Health Surveys monitor your health
  • Live Remote Care Coordinators (RCCs) evaluate your needs and provide support 24x7
  • RCCs will call your loved one from 2 to 5 times per week, for either a social call, or to review things like taking their medications, bathing, or eating.
  • RCCs escalate issues to a Family Member or Nurse, based on pre-defined protocols
  • Nurse or Physicians may assess and treat patients using video triage
  • RCC can also coordinate getting medication, food, and supplies to the house.


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