Now more than ever, it’s hard to make the right care decisions for your loved one. If you’re considering in-home care, our team is ready, trained, and equipped.

Ready. We’re doing Care Consultations and accepting new clients so they can remain at home where they want to be.

Trained. Our Care Pros and 24/7 support staff—all W2 employees—are continually trained on how to care for older adults more safely using the latest public health guidance, including proper techniques for handwashing, disinfecting surfaces, and using personal protective equipment.

Equipped. We’ve developed Care Protect, an industry-leading system of infection control and personal protective equipment protocols to support the safety and well-being of our clients and caregivers.

  • Our Care Pros do a mandatory pre-visit symptom and temperature self-check, get a new mask for every visit, and must pass our strict clearance screening before returning to work after an illness.
  • We keep our clients and Care Pros informed for their safety, sending notifications of any potential infectious disease exposure.

At a time when safety is just as important as quality, I hope you’ll share this with others who may be looking for in-home care. We go above and beyond, following rigorous best practices for care. I’d appreciate any referrals you may have to families who may need our services during this challenging time.

Need a caregiver? Aviva In-Home Care is #ReadyTrainedEquipped. We follow rigorous infection control best practices for client safety. Care Pros do a mandatory pre-visit symptom and temperature check, get a new mask for every visit, and must pass our strict clearance screening before returning to work after an illness. Know someone who needs care? Please share this post.

Ready. Trained.

Supporting better care
with our unique
technology features.

Before Every Care Visit

Our Care Pros complete a mandatory pre-visit check before seeing a client.

  • Check for symptoms of illness
  • Check for temperature
  • Reminder to wash hands
  • Reminder to wear a mask
  • Reminder to check client for
  • symptoms or risk of exposure
  • If a Care Pro fails a pre-visit check, our Care team begins restaffing the visit.

After Every Care Visit

All Care Pros now answer three questions at the end of every shift before clocking out.

  • Check for changes in client condition
  • Check the supply of masks in the home
  • Check for clients showing any Covid-related symptoms


This post-visit check provides early and consistent views into changes in client care that require action from our agency.

PPE Proper Usage Training

Our training is informed by public health guidelines and best practices. Care Pros use our app to take a 5-question quiz that tests their retention of proper PPE usage.

  • Enhanced mask requirements
  • Proper use and handling of masks
  • Follow-up quiz to ensure full understanding and compliance

As part of our commitment to ongoing safety training, we do periodic updates as infection control guidance changes.

Strict Covid-19 Protocols

If we become aware that a client or Care Pro has tested positive for Covid-19, our technology lets us quickly see who they’ve been in contact with.

Then our Care team works with any other Care Pros, clients, or family members to assess their risk of exposure.

  • Highlights when a client has tested positive
  • Highlights when a Care Pro has tested positive
  • We develop a plan for any clients or Care Pros who may have been exposed


The safety of our clients, their families, and our Care Pros has always been our top priority.
Now our enhanced technology supports our Care team in new ways, helping them to
deliver quality care. To schedule a consultation or learn more, call (415) 463-1400.


We ensure that our clients receive the finest in-home care available.